June ~ My Mom’s Birthday Month

Thinking of Mom  this week as the 13th of June would have been her 81st birthday ~ hard to believe! Born in 1938 she was the epitome of style to me when I was growing up. Here she is in her late 40’s or early 50’s.  

In photographs from when she was in high school during the 1950’s, “Ginny” always looked so fashionable! Often wearing lovely poodle skirts, Peter Pan collars and soft angora sweaters and saddle shoes so in style in the post-war era of the 1950’s…

My mom and dad ~ he was 28 and she a young 21.

I know I have shared this photograph with you before of my parents from 1959, but it is worth sharing again. My mother, Virginia Mary Blades, looked so beautiful wearing her older sister Eleanor’s wedding dress here.

Something borrowed, something blue…

Later on Mom looked like a fashion plate as her style mirrored that of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who was then First Lady in the White House when I was born.

Somewhere there is a photo of my mother and myself where Mom is wearing her cat-eye glasses and a sleeveless summer blouse. She is holding me in her arms resting against her knees… Maybe playing “Trot trot to Boston…”

The backyard was probably at their first house in Centerville, Ohio (Dayton area). If I find it later, I will place it here.

Part of my mother’s collection: lavender jade with diamonds on either side in white gold, the wedding ring my father gave her in 1959, and smoky topaz from Taiwan when Dad brought home several “parure” (sets of jewelry including four pieces or more).

Mom’s jewelry…
These next few photographs I took a year ago but never shared… Partly for insurance documenting, partly because my father bought beautiful pieces for my mother and carried them back from several TDY trips as a JAG for the US Air Force, I wanted to share some of Mom’s lovely jewelry.

Here is the parure I inherited as I always loved Mom’s lavender jade bracelet, ring and necklace. I didn’t share the earrings. The 14k gold bracelet looks like little twigs stacked up when you see it up close.

When my mother passed, after her funeral my sister-in-law Linnea brought out all of Mom’s jewelry that Mom had given her as payment for redoing a bathroom which had a leaky roof and need ed the tile flooring redone.

My brother Gene and Linnea felt that we should all share it, so pieces went to both of our daughters (Mom’s granddaughters) and some to us daughters. My father had brought me the gold bracelet earlier when he was out on a business trip after retiring from the Air Force.  It is beautiful and heavy weighing in at 3 oz. gold.

Our Amy, whose 27th birthday was two days ago. She was my mom’s birthday present in 1992. 😉 This photograph was taken at the Carlsbad Caverns, NM, 2016.
Dad’s love language was gifting sparkly presents to my mother and Mom loved the beauties he would buy for her! She wore them to parties they attended the whole time we lived in Hawaii. Later she wore them to other parties in California and to the theater where Dad performed (his hobby).  
Once I borrowed the lavender jade ring and wore it one day to high school as I loved it and it called to me ~ then I was so terrified I would lose it, I put it inside my wallet in my locked locker in my backpack and rushed it home after school to get it safely back in her jewelry box before she got home from her teaching position in Sacramento.

I never did that again, let me tell you!


A photo of my mother during her high school days ~ posted by
one of our relatives through Ancestry.com. She is 2nd row, plaid
Mom looked like a fashion plate when I was young as her style mirrored that of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis who was then First Lady in the White House. It was the era of Camelot, after all…

My brother Frank out in the front garden ~ he lived in the house until it was sold
in 2010.

This was my parents’ last home ~ Situated on 12 acres with a 1/2 acre pond in Southbury, Connecticut, it was a lovely place!

My parents enjoyed watching the local wildlife from their kitchen table. Small herds of deer, wild turkeys eating bugs out in the meadow that my father then later my brother Frank would keep mowed. They spent $150 a month on just birdseed, my father mentioned one time, keeping the seeds in large metal trashcans in their garage.

Now black bear occasionally come through the area as my youngest brother and his wife share photos from their property just next door.

My mother Ginny, circa 1971-1974.
Recently I shared this photograph of my mother for a Mother’s Day post.  She must have been about 35 years old in this photo taken when she was beginning her teaching career at the Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind, Honolulu, Hawaii.
Last year I featured my mother-in-love Mary Virginia Fudge and my grown children who came down the week before for a visit

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little break away from decor and gardens to meet more of my family!

Happy birthday, Mom  \|”/

Fun and Funky Clothing ~ Texas Chic at Sassy Pantz!

Since arriving in Texas back in November
I have been noodling how to describe
the style of clothing many women wear here.
It’s different than the capris and a t-shirt
or jeans and a button-up shirt
or even a tank top and cutoffs.
It’s Texas Chic…

Here’s that totally decorated mirror I posted about
in last week’s post about the Fort Worth Stockyards.
I LOVE how it was decorated with 
old jewelry brooches and other assorted pins!

Sassy Pantz totally cool barn red display dresser draped with bangles, earrings, and bracelets.

So today I’m sharing all about this totally
Texas Chic shop I found called
Sassy Pantz
located at:
140 East Exchange Ave. Suite 127
Fort Worth, TX 76164
All the crosses and many of the signs are for sale.  Crosses are a big thing all over Texas. 🙂

It’s taking cowboy and cowgirl

up a notch!

I know when I was a horse crazy 10-14 year old
I wore jeans and boots and whatever t-shirt 
when I’d go out to ride
because I was going to be mucking out stalls
and getting muddy.
When I was in a horse show and riding
Mr. Trouble or Midnight
I wore a white buttoned down men’s shirt
with a bow tie.
{if I had that picture here I’d show you!}
I would have loved these styles then! 
Though I missed growing up with prettier 
cowgirl styles back then
I’m glad that they are here to stay now!

Sassy Pantz carries a good selection of boots in work boot and dress styles.

Sassy Pantz carries both women’s and men’s clothing
although I really only noticed the
fashions for women.
I just found the look comfortable ~
pretty and flowing and good with an old favorite 
pair of jeans all ripped
faded and sporting holes.

The top photo of the children’s clothing is from
a toy store across the way ~ but the style 
shows off the “pretty” of
Texas Chic!
So, I’ve been trying to think how best 
to describe this
Texas and maybe Southern Style
of dressing and I guess it’s
more formal but also a relaxed style
very feminine but no nonsense cowgirl
guns and roses
lace and boots
crosses and big silver belt buckles
sexy with leather and sparkles
cowgirl boots and short shorts.

I am loving these belts!!!

Not so many capris here!

I did notice that women my age are wearing
this Texas Chic style.
{Woo hoo!}
The blouses are cut long so they are nice
over leggings and skinny jeans.
It’s also a style with chunky crosses decorated 
with buttons
chunky jewelry with copper and turquoise.
Bangles and bracelets
blouses that are tank tops
leather bracelets and Native American 

Of course I picked this tank because of the roses!  I wanted to bring this hanging rack home, too.
Here’s the blouse I bought and I’m planning
to wear it under my jean jackets this fall.
I think this blousy tank could also be
paired with a long sleeve t-shirt
for winter and worn with plain leggings
… and boots!
Wouldn’t that be fun?
I’m excited to try it with my jean jacket!
As soon as we get some
real fall weather.

Sassy Pantz’ motto says it all:

“Find out who you are and 
do it on purpose.”
Dolly Parton 

Check out Sassy Pantz website
online by clicking on the
name either here or above.
Click below for a chance to win a $50
gift certificate from
The Stockyards.

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Blessings and sparkles
to you,